NYC Bed Bugs Squeeze New Creativity From Overplayed Taiwanese CGI Artists


New York’s bed bug problem, much-hyped last summer and well into fall, is worse than that of other major U.S. cities, says a survey of exterminators. That news is brought to us by the similarly much-hyped Next Media Animations, the Taiwanese “news organization” whose totally bizarre CGI renderings of international happenings started as charming, but quickly became too self-aware. This one is really good though.

In this case, you can’t really question NMA’s commitment to entertainment as they take a tired story and inject some surrealism and genuine cartoon horror. Observe, if you will, the bed bug climbing the Empire State Building in New York City in rapid succession with Chicago’s deep dish bed bug pizza. It’s undeniable.

[via NYO]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 7, 2011

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