The Best Thing to Drink When You’ve Got the Flu


It seems like everyone has come down with a nasty cold or the flu over the past few days, including several Fork in the Road staffers. And while the old prescriptions of rest, chicken soup, and plenty of fluids help in easing the chills and suffering, one secret foodie weapon is a glass of piping-hot Korean citron tea.

The “tea” is really sort of a yuzu-flavored marmalade-y substance that comes in a glass jar. Add three to four teaspoons to a mug filled with boiling water, give it a stir, and you’ve got a sweet citrusy beverage that instantly makes the throat less sore and the belly warm. A known secret of Korean grandmothers, no doubt. Korean citron tea is available at Korean grocers such as Han Ah Reum (25 West 32nd Street, 212-695-3283). ChoripDong makes a 1.27-pound jar, which cost $4.99 on a recent visit to Han Ah Reum. Or you can always go with kimchi to clear the sinuses.

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