“Wild Child” German Shepherd Inspires Heroic Rescue After Fall in Hudson


We are suckers for adorable animals in trouble who don’t stay that way for very long. Especially on Fridays. Obviously. So it is our great pleasure to say that a German Shepherd named Chloe — who either “fell” or “jumped,” depending on who you ask, into the 46-degree water of the Hudson off of Pier 59 today — was quickly saved by an NYPD harbor unit. Via the Daily News, here’s how a dog-water rescue goes down:

Detective Matthew Sherman pulled on gear and jumped into the 20-foot-deep water, while Detectives Michael Cocchie and John Drzal waited aboard the black zodiac with a line to toss. The dog swam out from the pier and they were able to help her onto the zodiac.

Chloe lives on a catamaran with her owner, Mark Stoss, who told the Daily News, “She’s fearless. She’s a wild child. But when I’m here, she’s a lamb.”