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Is This the YouTube Channel of Gabrielle Giffords’ Shooter?


A YouTube channel under Tucson shooter Jared Lee Loughner’s [note: his name was originally reported as Jared Laughner] name has surfaced. The details of the channel (“Classitup10”) seem to match what little we know of Loughner; the schools he says he attended all put him in the Tucson area. Other than that, we’re running on speculation. The channel is undeniably unsettling, and Loughner lists “Mein Kampf” among his favorite books. Could this channel really belong to the Loughner who shot Gabrielle Giffords?

We shouldn’t get excited about it yet. Because: nobody really knows anything. We don’t know that “Take Back the 20” actually had anything to do with this crime. We don’t know anything, really, about Jared Loughner. And we won’t know anything for a little while.

All five of them are like that. Creepy electronic music, bizarre conspiratorial “logic” laid out in text. In one of them he argues that paying for college courses is tantamount to being a victim of fraud. It’s like Creepy Murderer Talk 101.

The Internet has also dug up alleged pictures from Loughner’s now-defunct MySpace page. One of them shows a gun.

Of course, it’s all very pat and easy to tie these things together. Mein Kampf plus gun plus weirdo videos must equal crazy murderer, right? Maybe. But again, we don’t know yet. These could be important clues, or they could be red herrings.

As more information comes in about Loughner, we’ll be able to get a clearer picture of why and how this shooting happened. But until then, let’s all stop frothing at the mouth with this stuff.

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