7-Eleven Taking Manhattan; Restaurants Seeing Red


Lucy Cabrera is retiring from her post as the chief executive of the Food Bank for New York City after 23 years. [Crains]

A new study out of Montreal reveals that we get the same chemically induced pleasure from listening to music as we do from delicious food or drugs. [Guardian]

7-Eleven has plans to open between 15 and 20 Manhattan locations by the end of 2012, with a particular focus on former mom-and-pop shops, campuses, and airports. [Crain’s]

Octopus ceviche at Yerba Buena, grilled baby octopus at I Trulli, and skewered octopus at Boqueria are some of the cephalopodian dishes being served around the city. [NY Post]

M. Wells makes a list of 10 restaurants around the world worth taking a plane to experience. In your face, Manhattan! [NY Times]

Red, long considered a poor choice for a restaurant’s decor, is all the rage these days with the Darby, Bar Basque, the Lambs Club, and the Dutch all opting for the color. [NY Times]

Cucina & Co., Falai Panetteria, and Zabar’s are among food shops and eateries slashing prices to attract customers this month. [NY Post]


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