A Fake Reality Show! No, Really!


You just have to believe me on this, people.

Bravo’s Milionaire Matchmaker might not really be filled with millionaires.

In fact, some of them probably eat hamster food out of garbage pails.

Watch the quickie video in which the show’s David Yontef reveals that the show doesn’t check into your finances at all, and as a result, probably half the people that appear on it ain’t millionaires at all.

What next?

Some “real housewives” in a staged catfight?

But wait! Now that the shit’s hit, Yontef has decided to take the complete opposite approach:

Says he:

“The video was taken out of context. I know that Bravo has checked all information and that all of my castmates are not only a millionare, but I assume they are multimillionaires since they live in New York and seem to own businesses, properties and the like.”

The old “taken out of context” routine! Puh-leese! I’ve heard it a million times.

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