Ashley Dupre Unveils “Love Your Body” Fitness Plan, Sexy Photos in New York Post


Noted advice columnist Ashley Dupre, famous first for sleeping with and eventually bringing down New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, has now taken to sharing the secrets of her Playboy-famous body with a six-week plan to “look good naked!” In Sunday’s New York Post, Dupre said she’s gained 5 pounds, which for her “is a nightmare.” So she’s outlining her tried and true workout tips, “pieced together over 20 years of avid gym going, personal training and gymnastics as a little girl.” More notably, there are pictures!

There’s something about eating veggies, “reps,” confidence, cardio and some namedropping of brands. (The “topics” for the article — the only two — are “Snooki” and “Nike.”) But after the “Warm Up/Cardio” section, the text ends, directing fitness-minded Post readers to a slideshow of sexy photos. It becomes clear what this whole thing is really about:

That one’s called the “Butt Buster.”

Grab a mat and position yourself on all fours, keeping your arms straight. Bend one leg, and then extend it up as far as it can go, squeezing your butt cheek and keeping your knee bent. Bring leg back down to original position.

Feel free to give it a go, if you can contain your shame.