It’s Looking Cold Out There for Frozen Yogurt


They said the day would never come, but now it has. The days of frozen yogurt are officially over. Citing high rents and an over-saturation of the market, Crain’s New York is reporting that many frozen yogurt shops, including Red Mango, Yolato, and Peaches Natural Yogurt Café, are shuttering their doors and switching off their swirling machines.

Los Angeles-based company Pinkberry was the first to stake its claim in New York City, followed shortly thereafter by Korean chain Red Mango (often within the same block), and a host of other look-alikes. Pinkberry has somehow triumphed in the Big Apple and maintains 14 locations in New York City, but Red Mango has recently closed four of its locations and plans to switch to a self-serve model à la 16 Handles. What’s more, frozen yogurt consumption is suffering from a meltdown everywhere! According to the article, production in the U.S. fell more than 5 percent in 2009 versus 2008 to 74.4 million gallons. During 2010, frozen yogurt production dropped even further: November saw only 4 million gallons produced, a 13.7 percent drop from November 2009.

Yet there’s one bright side to Red Mango’s closings. Signage for Currywurst Bros. has been up for a while now at the former Bleecker Street location, and if there’s one thing better than frozen yogurt topped with fruits, it’s a hot dog topped with ketchup and curry powder.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 10, 2011


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