New York

Jared Lee Loughner in Court Today; Moment of Silence for Victims at 11 a.m.


A moment of silence will be held by President Obama today at 11 a.m. for the victims of Saturday’s shooting in Tucson. Jared Lee Loughner, 22, is due in court this afternoon. He faces five federal charges — “the attempted assassination of a member of Congress and the killing or attempted killing of four other federal employees,” along with additional state charges. Judy Clarke, who represented the Unabomber, has been recommended as his attorney. [The Hill, The Arizona Republic]

New quiet cars on New Jersey Transit trains are causing arguments as to what “quiet” is, exactly — making quiet cars among the noisiest of options. [NYT]

If you missed the no pants subway ride on Sunday and for some reason regret that, you can see photos here. [EV Grieve]

A woman will be reunited with her cat, which was taken from her by Amtrak officials at Penn Station as she and her pet were on the way back to Montreal by train. [DNA Info]

It’s cold outside. 27 degrees, feels like 16 degrees. Snow is expected starting Tuesday evening. Meanwhile, down South, as many as 9 inches of snow have fallen. [Weather, NYT]

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