Nic Cage Movie Gets Only Four Good Reviews!


When Nicolas Cage makes a piece of caca, he makes sure it’s noxious enough to mess up all of civilization.

His latest supernatural action-adventure romp, Season of the Witch, got a staggering 67 terrible reviews the other day and only one good one, according to, starting the year du cinema on a ghastly new low.

Should the one thumbs-up critic be locked up for indecency?

No. Maybe he’s a visionary or at least someone brave enough to speak up even when all good sense says he’s wrong.

And besides, his praise was rather qualified.

It was a Time Out scribe–let’s keep him unnamed, for safety’s sake–who wrote this about the movie:

“It’s creaky, predictable, and frequently idiotic. But for a tipsy Saturday night, this should tick all the right boxes.”

Not bad.

Alas, more prevalent was this point of view, from Rolling Stone: “Instead of a review, it deserves a stake in the heart.”

But wait!

A new tally has come in and the Time Out guy has some company! The total is now four thumbs up and 74 thumbs way down the throat.

Do I smell Oscar?

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 10, 2011

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