New York

Performance Artist Causes Concussion!


Performance art is getting really edgy and dangerous these days.

In fact, photographer/writer Gerry Visco says she got a concussion (“no blood, just a BIG HEADACHE”) when performer Ann Liv Young threw something into the audience at the ‘AmericanPussyFaggot!Realness’ show last night at the Delancey.

I’ll let Visco explain:

“Although known to occasionally defecate and urinate on stage, this time Ann Liv Young merely hurled a cup filled with her ceramic necklace full force at the back of my head and cracked the ceramic pendant into pieces, and giving me a concussion.

“She was hurling the said UFO (or should it be called an IDENTIFIED flying object) at Penny Arcade, who she was having a verbal altercation with and somehow it landed on my head because I was seated at the front of the stage taking photos. She basically threw the object and then took off, cowardly.

“I have filed a formal complaint with the NYPD at the 7th Precinct.

“Ann Liv Young poops on stage and she IS poop. I would suggest anyone going to see her show come armed and wear a hard hat.”

Or at least bring some air freshener!

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