Black Swan Director Trashes Critic!


At the New York Film Critics Circle Awards last night, critics’ chairman Armond White brought up ‘Black Swan’ director Darren Aronofsky to present an honor to his cinematographer.

Immediately, Aronofsky seemed to be channeling his own black swan.

“Keep it up,” he said to White, “because you give us all another reason not to read New York Press.”

And suddenly we realized that White must not have liked Black Swan.

Also that Aronofsky can’t be gentleman enough to rise above one bad review and instead use his stage moment to bask in the glory being given on this night of praise.

“Sorry,” he said later. “It’s my only chance to get back. Now it’s done.”

But White wasn’t finished.

When he was alone at the microphone again, the critic said, “That’s all right. Darren reads me. That’s all I want. And because he reads me, he knows the truth.”

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