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Brooklyn bubblegum-bashers Pregnant may roll deep to the ickiest, grimiest pigfuckiest loft parties in Brooklyn, but their music is sticky-sweet sugar-pop euphoria. Think Hüsker Dü, think Jawbreaker, think Foo Fighters blasted on Four Loko and Twizzlers. Their self-titled debut album is out now via BurnBooks (only 300 copies in first pressing, so get moving), offering 10 rabid, rapid-fire pop nuggets blasting by in a sparse 21 minutes, utilizing quick-wristed hardcore chops for a bouncing, bursting, highly melodic fever-churn. Alongside bands like the Men and the Obits, Pregnant could easily be the leading lights of a full-on gritty, gritted, Brooklyn-belched Wipers revival. Frontman Kevin Manion calls their searing, two-minute “Help!” “probably our catchiest song,” and it’s not small talk: It’s taut, Kaiser Chiefs-style psycho-jangle filtered through Brooklyn’s most dangerous asphalt pockmarks.

Q&A: Pregnant guitarist/vocalist Kevin Manion on “Help!”

What is “Help!” about?
“Help!” is a song about being kidnapped. We all took turns writing lines, and it just turned into a funny song about getting abducted. It’s obviously been a song title chosen by the most famous band in the world. It worked for them, so why not us . . . We also stole the song title “Real Talk” from R. Kelly. Thinking of it now, I wish we named all our song titles after famous songs.

What is your favorite pop hook of 2010?
I’m out of touch, but the “Bed Intruder” song didn’t leave my brain for about a month. Also “Gimme Pizza” by the Olsen Twins.

You guys were called out as leading lights of “Brooklyn hardcore” by the Post
First off, that article was retarded. The New York Post is hilarious and one of my favorite newspapers to read. But really, about Brooklyn lofts and why bands play lofts: No bands are from Manhattan, no fans live in Manhattan, or even go to Manhattan. With the exception of Cake Shop and ABC No Rio, Manhattan clubs don’t cut it for local bands. So we open our homes to the public and have gnarly rock ‘n’ roll shows in Brooklyn, where everyone actually lives.

What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever seen at aloft show?
The craziest thing I might have seen at a loft was at Crewtonz House of God, no longer around. But some crusty traveling punk dude fell off the balcony and cracked his head open. We called an ambulance, but the guy just wanted to hang out and chill. He’s probably dead by now, but from something unrelated.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Brooklyn?
Carmine’s Pizzeria on Graham Ave. The Buffalo Chicken Slice is the bomb.

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