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Woody and Soon-Yi: The Best NYC Gossip Ever!


New York magazine asked me for quotes about the best piece of gossip in New York City history, knowing I was their man for something so salacious yet historic.

I complied, for p.r.’s sake, giving the top slot to the 1992 hookup of film genius Woody Allen with Mia Farrow‘s adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, which mamma Mia discovered via that old cliche, naked photos.

My quotes:

“The No. 1 juiciest bit of gossip and scandal, because it became a topic of watercooler conversation for months–for years!–would have to be the revelation of Woody’s relationship with Soon-Yi.

“Everybody loves a triangle, but this one was deliciously sick, from the dark side of everyone’s imagination:

“The wronged woman (Mia Farrow), the over-entitled man (Allen, betraying his nerdy, lovable persona), and the other woman, who, in this case, was Mia’s adopted daughter.

“I remember O.J. Simpson saying to me at the time (and this was before his own scandal), ‘Go Woody! Get some!’ He was in the minority.

“Of course, Woody got the last laugh: They’re still together!”

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