Everybody Panic: Taylor Swift’s Speak Now Scores the Lowest-Selling Billboard #1, Ever


Bad news for anyone hoping to make a living off of selling recorded music ever again: after 2010 brought us such lovely milestones as the worst week for music sales in all of SoundScan history and the Kanye West record that wouldn’t go platinum, 2011 has already brought us a new low.

Congratulations, Taylor Swift, whose Speak Now is once again back in the #1 spot…after selling a mere 52,000 copies. That’s a historical low and the worst top bow since they started counting in 1991. And it’s probably going to get worse, reports Billboard:

With album sales continuing to slide each year (in 2010 volume was down 12.7%), the new woeful record low shouldn’t come as a surprise. And there’s potential to break that record too, as no blockbuster albums are on the horizon.

That’s a polite way of saying that pretty much the only thing coming out next week is a new Decemberists record. Remember when Vampire Weekend sold a meek 124,000 records and somehow went #1 last January? You are going to beg for that kind of indie breakout anomaly in the future. No wonder Ezra Koenig is on Colbert. Those guys are the only hope we have left.

Taylor Swift’s ‘Speak Now’ Takes No. 1 in Record-Low Sales Week [Billboard]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 12, 2011

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