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Madeline Klima: The 81-year-old Cleaning Lady Who Got Mugged in the Subway


Cops are still looking for the beefy female who, as we reported yesterday, was caught on camera mugging an 81-year-old lady at the Fulton Street subway station turnstiles at 10:40 p.m. January 4.

And the story gets even sadder: The Post has a heartrending piece today identifying the victim as Madeline Klima, who was trudging home after her job of cleaning offices. The video shows the mugger stalking and then flipping the old lady over while snatching her handbag. She suffered a broken shoulder. From the Post:

“Nothing was said. It happened very fast. I was just pulled backwards,” said Klima, who lost three paychecks in the robbery, as well as her checkbook and other personal papers.

She got my paychecks, $800. I guess I’ll have to survive without it,” said Klima, who lives with her daughter and insists she’s never considered retiring.
“I’ve always worked,” she said.

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