Marina Abramovi? Now Also a Chef (At Least at Park Avenue Winter)


Marina Abramović is a performance artist best known for pieces that render the spectator uncomfortable, like in her recent MOMA show, “The Artist Is Present,” in which she simply stared at participants for hours on end. And now, in a surprising move of culinary theatrics, she is a chef-collaborator!

Park Avenue Winter is embarking on seasonal artist-chef collaborations, with Abramović the first of four. Artists Janine Antoni, Paul Ramirez Jonas, and Michael Rakowitz will follow as the restaurant turns into Park Avenue Spring, Summer, and Autumn. The artists will work with chef Kevin Lasko to create multisensory delights.

Abramović’s dish is called the Volcano Flambé. For $20, the dessert/performance includes an exclusive takeaway collection of Abramović’s Spirit Cooking Recipes; a recorded reading by the artist; and the dessert itself, a new take on baked Alaska. Dark chocolate ice cream, almond sponge cake, and banana mousse will be encased in meringue before being set aflame. As the dessert is presented, guests will receive an MP3 player and headset to listen to the artist guide them through the experience of the dish. Intriguing, to say the least. Take that, people who say cooking isn’t an art form.

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 12, 2011


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