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NYPD Killed Only Eight Bad Guys in 2010


NYPD officers killed a record low eight people with gunfire last year, while wounding only 16 more, according to a new report made public in Wednesday’s New York Daily News. On a bar graph (pictured) that looks impressive, though in actual human life it’s still sort of terrifying!

At the very least, it is not perfect, though it’s considered an improvement and one worth acknowledging, according to the man in charge. “It is a tribute to the police officers’ training and restraint, as well as a reflection of a safer city, that fatalities have plummeted despite an increase in police numbers and in the capacity of their firearms,” said Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

The numbers are a sharp decrease from 2009, when police killed 12 and wounded 20.

The report also shows there were 93 police-shooting incidents, which include accidental discharges and the shooting of animals. It was the first year that number fell below 100 in the 40 years police have been keeping records, the stats show.

“Incidents” in 1972 numbered 994, so missing the old New York is a little overrated in this case.

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 12, 2011

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