Playbills For Bomb Shows: Come And Get ‘Em


I usually only keep a Playbill if the show it represents was so rotten it will become legendary.

And that happens a lot, apparently.

I just looked through my poignant and/or diverse collection and came up with these Playbills to cherish and vomit from:

The one for Moose Murders, a mystery show, the mystery being why they put it on;

Lolita, a failed Nabokov adaptation by Edward Albee that made you want to call the pedophile police;

Prymate, a heart-tugger about a speech therapist who jerks off an ape;

In My Life, a terrible musical about Tourette’s syndrome by that “You Light Up My Life” guy who’s been accused of serially harassing women. (His son did much worse; he’s charged with murder. But this musical was the worst crime of all.);

And Raggedy Ann, which was bound to flop the second they decided to include a number for a group of doctors called “Diagnosis.”

Meanwhile, be afraid. I have lots more where these came from.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 12, 2011

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