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Riding Fresh Powder in the Five Boroughs


Tuesday night’s not-quite-apocalyptic snowfall blanketed the city with up to 10 inches of snow, and while the last big storm wreaked havoc on the city, New Yorkers were ready and waiting for iteration two. This time we dusted off our sleds.

Time indeed to strike back at our harsh planet by riding a trash can lid down the city’s best slopes, cataloged here for your sledding pleasure. However tempted to don a Snuggie and pull the couch closer to the radiator heater you may be, remember that Mother Nature will not rest until our half of the planet tilts back towards the Sun, an equinox still more than two painful months away. So let’s get out and show the weather who’s boss.


Pilgrim Hill and Cedar Hill are two popular Central Park spots in the 70’s along Fifth Avenue, near the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Time Out NY calls the former, “The grande dame of NYC sledding institutions — and rightly so.” Beware the horde of children, however.

Riverside Park also has a popular spot on 91st Street called Hippo Playground — look for the sculptures of giant, snow-covered hippopotami.


Prospect Park is a great place for winter sledding. Anyone looking for a gentle slope, relatively few dangerous obstacles and an all around child friendly adventure, try 9th and Prospect Park West. There’s also that one monster of a hill near Grand Army Plaza and the Long Meadow for the more adventurous.

Fort Green is also popular with four hills that range from gentle to steep and a staircase with only one rating — dangerous.


Since the Parks Department deemed the hills on the Forest Park golf course too awesome and dangerous for sledding, we are not advising anyone to sled there. Nor do we know anything about (or condone) slipping through holes in the fence to experience a hill that Gridskipper calls “the iciest, speediest, and most thrilling in the city.” They also have a great map of their top 8 hills.


The north side of Crotona Park near 170th is the borough’s best, but Ewen Park in Riverdale as also a popular destination, as it has a staircase right next to the hill for an easy ascent.

Staten Island

Most S.I. natives head to Clove Lake Park where park rangers organize races on a hill along Martlings Avenue. MommyPoppins reports that Dead Man’s Hill in Silver Lake Park is also a good spot.

Triumph over blizzard conditions in the most human way possible — laugh, and though it might all turn into a icy charcoal-colored slush by the end of the day, hey, at least it’s our slush.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 12, 2011


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