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The Berserker Residents Try to Screw the Mayans


The Annihilation Point, a sci-fi lark that has beamed into town courtesy of Philadelphia’s Berserker Residents, is as weighty as the foam rubber that abounds in its zany costumes. The show’s also about as messy as the jumbles of wire and blinking lights that compose the 1960s-era mainframe gizmo known as “Mrs. Computer” that sits stage center (given a soothing, yet somewhat lusty voice by Geneviève Perrier). It’s a theatrical dream for fanboys, but not necessarily lovers of high art.

In this time-traveling bit of intergalactic fluff, Astronaut Z (Bradley Wrenn)—along with frog-like alien Gregory Tamborski (Justin Jain) and android Dr. Robert Doomstache (Dave Johnson)—has returned to 2011 from 3037 to help theatergoers avoid the moment when Earth is destroyed as per the Mayan calendar (the titular annihilation point). Petty squabbling and ineptitude with the intricacies of time-space continuum, however, undermine their efforts. The energetic cast delivers with brio, if not precision, although Johnson may deserve an award for best portrayal of a cyborg with 1970s pornstar aspirations.