Upper West Side Principal Complicates Nepotism By Sleeping With Student


Christopher Durnford, principal of the York Prep Academy on the Upper West Side and also the school’s girls volleyball coach, was fired over winter break for allegedly sleeping with a student. What is it about sexy school time in this city? To make matters worse, he was known to the students as a butt-patter. (Careful, Coach!) If that wasn’t complicated and embarrassing enough, Durnford was fired by the school’s co-founder Ronald Stewart, whose daughter, Jayme, is Durnford’s wife. Busted!

The New York Post reports:

While students said Durnford and the girl were unusually close while she was still enrolled, a source close to the school said nothing improper happened until the girl had turned 18 and graduated last June.

Stewart dismissed his son-in-law immediately after learning of the improper relationship, the source said.

Both as a father and as a boss, he really had no other choice. But what took so long? Even the students were aware of the transgressions: “People knew about it last school year,” said one. “She used to go to his office last year a lot — more than she should.”

Durnford’s wife Jayme told the paper she’s having “a very rough time.” Hopefully she’ll heal; Durnford will never work in this town again.

Scandal at prep school [NYP via Gawker]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 12, 2011

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