Carteles Now Closed, Will Be Turned Into Chef’s Table & Cocktail School


Carteles, the sunny sandwich shop in Ravi DeRossi’s 6th Street Cuban complex, has been shuttered recently. It turns out that the small space will be used for special events, including four-course omakase-style dinners and cocktail classes.

“We are going to be using it for a couple of things,” DeRossi writes to tell us today. “First and most importantly, it will be our chef’s table, a prix-fixe reservation-only dining room with guest mixologists pairing Latin-flavored cocktails with our chef’s choices for the day.

“We will also be teaching cocktail courses in this room, everything from the classics to the history to such niches as tequila or rye-based cocktails.”

El Cobre, the latest addition to the building, opened last month.

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 13, 2011


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