Lord of The Dance in 3D! Michael Flatley Speaks!


Get ready for some serious clog-dancing in your face.

At a swanky luncheon at Oceana yesterday, dancer/creator Michael Flatley told me about the 3D Lord of the Dance flick coming to theaters in March.

“You have the best seat in the house,” he enthused.

“You’re literally right there. You can almost touch the people!”

But be careful they don’t kick you in the head with their happy feet.

“3D was built for us and we were built for 3D,” Flatley went on.

“And dance is red-hot now.

“I can’t go to every city. I’m getting long in the tooth. So I’m glad I’ve found another way to do it!”

He got me so enthused that I left the restaurant dancing a 3-D jig in the slush.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 13, 2011

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