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Man Shoveling Snow Plummets 12 Feet Through Sidewalk Grate


Continuing in our “biggest fears of NYC” chronology, a man has fallen 12 feet through a sidewalk grate in Inwood. There’s more to it than that, though. The man, 23-year-old Eric Pagan, was a part-time Sanitation worker who’d been called in as “an emergency snow shoveler” yesterday. He was supposed to be shoveling the sidewalk at the end of his shift, when, in accident dubbed as “harrowing” by the New York Post, he stepped on the grate’s edge, it flipped over him, and he went “straight down.”

As you can imagine, the event, by all reports, was dramatic, and possibly even harrowing:

“I was in shock. I looked down there and I could see he was leaking blood all over,” said co-worker Peter Lopez.

After being hit, [Pagan] knelt down on the ground and started complaining that he was freezing, nauseous and claustrophobic.

Lopez yelled down, “You OK? You OK?” but Pagan, leaning against a wall, didn’t answer.

Fortunately, Pagan is okay, or at least, in stable condition. (His uncle told the Daily News that his hard hat may have saved him.) Kids: Wear a helmet!

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