Rex Ryan Has a Big Mouth — And the Wins to Back It Up


Nobody, certainly not me, is going to argue that Rex Ryan doesn’t have a big mouth. Whether or not his mouth is bigger than his coaching ability is something we’ll know more about in the next couple of days.

Meanwhile, Cork Gaines of the Business Insider raises an interesting question: Just how good has Rex Ryan been so far in his career? Pretty good, he contends. “In just his second season as head coach, Ryan has led the Jets to 20 regular season wins and a 3-1 record in the playoffs. And he is now one win away from a second-straight trip to the AFC championship game.”

“And with one more win, Rex will become just the 18th coach in the history of the NFL to win four of his first five playoff games. And of those coaches, only six picked up their fourth playoff win in the first two seasons. Not bad.”

Should the Jets beat the Pats in the Divisional Playoff, he would join a group that has won 25 of 29 Super Bowls, a list headed by Joe Gibbs, Belichick, and Bill Walsh, all with three.

Gaines might also have mentioned that a win at Foxboro on Sunday will give Ryan three victories in four tries against Bill Belichick. Not that I’m predicting it, but until they play the game, let’s give Rex his due.

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