Battle Of The Das Racist Remixes


A couple Das Racist curios to finish out your week. First we have DR Renaissance man Himanshu Suri taking a shot at remixing Katy Perry’s SOTC-beloved “Teenage Dream,” slowing her way way down — she sounds disconcertingly mannish — and offering a few remarkably sincere verses: “My parents gone/Bump ‘Brown Sugar’ all night long/You’re my lady/That’s my song.” Surprisingly effective, inexplicably poignant. Should that build up your goodwill, by all means have a go at mash-up crew the Hood Internet’s pairing of “hahahaha j/k” and “Go Outside,” the twee anthem from Brooklyn “New Simplicity” stalwarts Cults, available here or embedded below. This seems like a good time to mention that Das Racist’s own remix contest ends next week, so get to it: You too can make the Forkcast.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 14, 2011

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