Brooklyn Woman Cannot Stop Putting Fur Coats Up Her Skirt


The New York Post has an exciting exclusive today that they call “Fur Stuffer” or, for the more literal, “Thief Who Puts Furs Under Clothes Nabbed Again.” In it, they detail the many crimes of a Brooklyn woman who steals fur coats by stuffing them into a bag strapped to her belt and hidden under her skirt — and sometimes by stuffing them into her girdle.

As you can imagine, this is a tricky proposition, like reverse-birthing so many minks, or perhaps a large dog. And so, our shoplifter, a 50-year-old woman named Johnnie Taylor, has been caught yet again. Adding insult to injury, “She walked like a duck,” said Northern Furs Fashion owner Naoum Vantas. The Post also calls her both “hefty” and “stocky.” Harsh. Well, at least she didn’t hide the coats in her fat rolls.