Cathie Black on Overcrowding: More Birth Control!


“Fake Cathie Black,” a joke Twitter account still in its comedic infancy, paints the next New York City Schools Chancellor as painfully out of touch with messages like, “I am 100% against closing schools tomorrow. My suggestion to students is to ask your drivers to add chains to the fleet’s Escalades.” The real Cathie Black hasn’t fared much better when it comes to connecting with parents and their children, joking on Thursday night that more birth control is the solution for overcrowding in Lower Manhattan. Oof.

Via the Daily News:

“Could we just have some birth control for a while?” Black said Thursday night. “It would really help us.”

Black earned chuckles for the joke at an overcrowding task force meeting, but downtown parents say the growing population of youngsters is no laughing matter.

“I always cringe when I hear that. Joel Klein said it a couple of years ago as well,” said Public School 234 parent Tricia Joyce. “I understand the temptation to joke about it. But our situation isn’t funny any more.”

Black went on to compare the needs of different NYC schools to Sophie’s Choice, the novel and film (turned idiom) in which a mother in a concentration camp must decide which of her two children will be gassed, while the other can live. Have we learned nothing from blood libel?

Parents not laughing at Schools Chancellor Cathie Black’s ‘birth control’ overcrowding joke [NYDN]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 14, 2011

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