Deerhoof’s Ridgewood Masonic Temple Show Next Month Has Moved


Last week brought the discouraging news that Ridgewood Masonic Temple, the flourishing Bushwick DIY venue that hosted some bitchin’ Todd P shows last year, was going dry effective immediately, owing to some liquor-license snafus; given that promoters are generally fond of selling alcohol, many of its upcoming events have been/will be relocated. Add perhaps the spot’s biggest imminent show to that list.

Please note that the Deerhoof show scheduled for February 8 has been moved to 1375 Myrtle, though it’ll still feature fellow noise-rockers Buke & Gass alongside Nervous Cop, Ben Butler, and Mousepad. Deerhoof is pretty fantastic live, actually — they can be so disorienting that the (presumed) availability of alcohol will be quite welcome. They’ve got a new record out near the end of the month; here is their new video for “Super Duper Rescue Heads,” the title alone giving you some idea of what you’re dealing with. Have fun, and let’s hope RMT figures things out soon.

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