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Donald Trump Denies 2012 Presidential Run, But Rants About China and OPEC Anyway


Donald Trump, real estate mogul and Celebrity Apprentice boss, went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon yesterday and played coy, as usual, about a 2012 presidential run. He then ran through the cast of the new Apprentice season which features Mark McGrath, Lil’ John, Latoya Jackson and Star Jones. But more importantly he ranted pretty crazily about China and OPEC: “I hate to see what’s happening to this country. We’re no longer that great place that we were.” The full text of the rant after the jump.

On his presidential run, he said:

We may do it but I just see what’s happening with this country. The country is not respected anymore, we’re like a whipping post for the world. People take advantage, like China, like OPEC. I mean we make nothing anymore, we make nothing in this country — China makes our products. We’re rebuilding China Jimmy, we’re rebuilding China. When I build a building, half of the products I order have to come from China. Not that I want to do that. And you look at what OPEC is doing to the price of oil. Every time our economy gets a little bit better, now its up to 92 dollars a barrel. Get ready — because this is the same thing that happened last time. They really suck the blood out of you as a country. I hate to see what’s happening to this country. We’re no longer that great place that we were. We’re not respected, our leaders aren’t respected, and its something that bothers me very much.

Judging by Jimmy’s follow-up — “Wow, you might just do it” — he was just as surprised as we were while hearing The Donald’s tirade. Trump didn’t get to anything truly groundbreaking, but you can’t deny his passion. He could throw his hat into the ring, but it’s probably just to boost Apprentice ratings.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 14, 2011

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