Help Make Art-School Dreams Come True at Throat-Razor’s Saturday Benefit With AIDS Wolf, Holy Sheet, and More


Laura Perez-Harris is dreaming hard. A 2010 RISD grad, the Long Island native would like to create somewhere in New York where all artists could show their work–an unjuried space where any dreamer with vision could display their pieces, without barriers–and where art students and prospective art critics could pass through and give the displayed work sorts of free-form, unbiased feedback. And there’d be a movie theater and a performance venue and a studio space, and all of these would be “affordable and accessible.” Lest this seem like a hash-pipe art-school figment, Perez-Harris would like to point out that there’s a place just like this where she went to school in Providence, AS220, a venerable non-RISD-affiliated compound that’s successfully done this very thing for nearly three decades, and there’s no reason why Brooklyn shouldn’t have one of its own.

The 22-year-old has gotten off to a promising start. Working under the name Throat with four other female RISD grads, Laura’s only been living in Flatbush for three months and says she’s “broke,” but with some steadfast determination, has already booked an awesomely solid noise-punk benefit show that takes place tomorrow night at Death By Audio, to raise money for Throat. (It’s a “Throat Fun Razor,” get it?) She did this, rather simply, by just e-mailing everybody she could think of to play. Flipper and Faust were top choices, both said yes, “but I couldn’t afford them.” Electronic noise composer Shawn Greenlee, one of her former teachers and former Six Finger Satellite contributor (Juan McLean/James Murphy), signed on first. Then others followed suit. AIDS Wolf was the last one to join. The show costs $12.

Also in the works for Throat: an art-themed podcast series and a mobile art-show staged in the back of a UHaul. As for that utopian complex, Perez-Harris doesn’t really care if Throat’s goals seem too quixotic. “If this is what I want to do, why would I psyche myself out?” she asks. “If you fail, you fail, okay. You just move on.” [Throat-Razor Facebook event page]

Updated with photos from the show, 1/18/10
Live: AIDS Wolf Lead A Raucous, Ripped-Pantyhose-Heavy Noise-Rock Spectacular At Death By Audio