Martha Stewart: When Our Dogs Headbutt Us


Martha Stewart has been in the news this week for a disfiguring accident she suffered when her French bulldog, Francesca, jumped up and headbutted her in the kisser. Now, why she’s posted 34 images of her trip to the hospital, complete with shots of her swollen lip being stitched up by doctors, on her blog is a mystery.

According to USA Today, the dog had been dozing and was probably startled by the homemaking maven. Now, what would really be interesting is to get Francesca’s perspective: Both she and her sibling, Sharkey, have their own blog called The Daily Wag on (Wonder what lowly intern’s job it is to crank that one out.) But perhaps the best nugget to come out of the story has been the repeated mention of Stewart’s age. She turns 70 this year and it must be said, dog-butt to the face or not, she looks pretty damn good.


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