New York vs. New England: Jets Go Jedi, De-Feet Puns Keep Coming in Newspaper War


The New York Post today, ever the connoisseurs of great covers, features one for the hall of fame, especially for those who care at all about New York sports, football specifically. Pitting the New England Patriots as the Evil Empire in a Star Wars-themed graphic, Bill Belichick gets the Vader treatment with Mark Sanchez in the Luke Skywalker role ahead of Sunday afternoon’s playoff game. Inside the Post, the fantasy is even more detailed (Rex Ryan is Han Solo, his wife Princess Leia) in a 16-page special pullout. New England has an answer though: Boston’s Metro is covered in feet.

Have you heard about Jets coach Rex Ryan’s foot fetish, made a mockery of on the internet with videos starring his wife? The Patriots, and their fans, will never forget it:

The joke is tired, and the pun too, but the cover is appropriately horrifying. (And we’re all for loving your wife, feet included!)

But locally, nerds rejoice and art directors high-five:

Today, we’re all winners.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 14, 2011

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