Playbills For Bomb Shows, Part II


Welcome to my show-and-tell of printed proof that I’ve seen a whole mess of turkey trots and even kept the evidence.

This time, I’m showing the dreaded Playbills for:

Shogun, the Musical, which boasted a shipwreck and an earthquake, all inside a big bomb;

Nick & Nora, which was as much of a dog as Asta;

Into The Light, a musical about the shroud of Turin, which made me an atheist;

Singin’ in the Rain, an insult to movie lovers everywhere ;

And The Capeman, a too-tasteful musical about real-life murders, though it had some musical flavor and hot performances by Marc Anthony and Ednita Nazario.

Would I watch any of these again? No way! But I’d love to have more copies of the Playbills.

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