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The NYPD’s Handbook to Lying More Effectively


You know who doesn’t like liars? Juries! And district attorneys! And Ray Kelly! The New York Daily News says the police department is tired of cops who get in hot water for lying on the stand, so it’s enlisted city prosecutors’ help to make up a “handbook with tips for testifying.” Some of the city’s tips for police who want to persuade jurors after the jump.

Via the News:

“Concede your errors in paperwork and prior statements”

“Remain alert – do not allow the defense attorney to lead you into inconsistent statements”

“Greet the jury with a smile upon entering and exiting the courtroom”

Avoid frequent answers of “I do not recall”

Avoid long pauses after questions

Don’t look for help from the prosecutor

Avoid jargon

Refer to victims and witnesses by name (but not the defendant)

The police department’s efforts include a mock trial game, where city prosecutors and defense attorneys will grill cops to train them on how to stop “testilying.” Ha. The News says officials plan to expand the role-playing pilot program to train more cops this year.


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