Week in Review: Top Train-Wreck Bloggers


In the week we spent holed up in Sound of the City headquarters preparing Pazz & Jop results, we still found time to report back from shows by former Talking Heads members Tom Tom Club, former Deee-Lite member, Lady Miss Kier, former the Pack member Lil B, and solo artist from the start Sharon van Etten. (We then posted about an excellent recording of that last show a little later on) If that weren’t enough, DJs from across country emerged from oversize hamburger boxes and battled at Arena, 13 acts from around the world converged upon the East Village for globalFEST, and the Bunker threw an eighth birthday party that was way more fun than anything we ever went to as a kid (even the Skate Inn).

Miss all of those? We gave you the details on upcoming shows from Prince (still at MSG), Deerhoof (now at 1375 Myrtle), Insane Clown Posse (learn the location at your own risk), and more.

If you’d prefer to listen to music the old-fashioned way–over the internet–we posted plenty of that, staring with the long-threatened, Lex Luger-produced, Jay-Z/Kanye West collab “H.A.M.,” which we followed by digging in the virtual crates for some of the best tunes Luger has made with lower profile artists (Sean Teezy may not be about to drop his own Blueprint, but dude sounds pretty good on that first song). We also counted down the top five train-wreck rappers, but regrettably did so just two days before Gucci Mane went public with his new ice-cream-cone face tattoo. We’ll get you next time. This would also be a good time to mention that train-wreck runners-up Odd Future will be returning to New York in less than a month. Moral gray-area swag.

In other news, totally put-together rappers Das Racist jumped on a screwed-up version of “Teenage Dream” (though “train wreck” might be the phrase to describe Hood Internet’s “hahahaha j/k”) and totally put-together indie rockers Vampire Weekend squared off with totally put-together general rockers the Black Keys in an epic “Sell-Out-Off.”

Sub Swara released a new track and answered a few of our questions, Arcade Fire sold a lot of records, Taylor Swift didn’t (but still topped the Billboard 200!), and M.I.A. just gave away a new remix EP for free.

So, having said goodbye today to Trish Keenan and planned Ariel Panero’s upcoming tribute, let’s enjoy our weekends. Here are some good options, but make sure you devote enough time to band-member Sporcle quizes, because you never know when Weingarten might come calling. We’re back on Tuesday.

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