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Who Hacked Broadway’s “All That Chat”?


All That Chat, the breathlessly readable site known for dissecting shows in previews, critiquing writers who actually get bylines and salaries, and posing questions like “Are there gunshots during Long Day’s Journey Into Night?” was recently hacked and is now asking readers to chip in for a security service to monitor the site.

Talk about breaking the fourth wall!

Meanwhile, this just came in from a reader:

“I wonder if it’s worth investigating that the hacking of ALL THAT CHAT might have been deliberately malicious, rather than just a prank…

“Not to be too paranoid, but certainly there are a few producers in town who have benefitted from the site being down this week.

“If this was done with malicious intent, rather than a prank, it’s a crime. It might even be a crime in the latter case.

“In all seriousness, doesn’t the FBI investigate cases like this?”

Good points.

Julie Taymor, was it you?

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