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Eleven Percent of This Memphis High School is Pregnant


Pregnant teens! Here, there, and now here: Frayser High School in Memphis can now boast that the 90 (!) girls who were pregnant or had a baby this year comprise 11 percent of the student body.

That’s a whole lot! The Daily News can’t control its urge to apply the word “epidemic.” But why is it happening? The same old reasons that get dredged out every time something like this happens, of course:

Critics like Memphis’ Girls Inc. executive director Deborah Hester Harrison places some of the blame for the rapidly growing number of baby bumps on the media, and shows like MTV’s “Teen Mom”.

“So much of our society is sexually oriented,” she told MSNBC.

Maybe you haven’t actually seen the exercise in pathos and drudgery that is “Teen Mom,” Deborah Hester Harrison? It is arguably the best birth control ever devised.

Seriously though, that’s a pretty staggering statistic. Memphis is starting a campaign called “No Baby” to address the issue, provide girls with information on where to get birth control, and provide chilling testimonials such as this:

It’s too late for me anyway. I ain’t with my baby’s daddy, but he still gave me my child and I do what I want to do. I take care of my baby on my own. Because my momma – she wanted me to give up my baby for adoption and I didn’t want to do it, so she doesn’t help me out at all. And when I get my money, I do what I gotta do for my baby. I’ve got my money set up in my bank account so I can get a car and I’m just pretty much on my own. My baby will be in college campus daycare. I’ve got a plan, I’ve just got to put it to work. But all that stressing & crying, I don’t got time for that because it’s too late for me.

That right there should probably be required reading in every high school, everywhere.

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