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Power Changes Hands in Tunisia; Puffy Jacket Saves Man’s Life (Weekend Links)


  • The speaker of the Tunisian parliament, Fouad Mebazaa, has been sworn in as acting president in the wake of former president Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali’s flight from the country. Now-former prime minister Mohamed Ghannouchi, who had declared himself in charge yesterday, ceded power to Mebazaa this morning. According to CNN, “the army appears to have clamped down and established a strong presence on the streets in the cities of Tunisia,” and there are reports of rioting and looting; also, at least 42 people died in a prison fire in the city of Monastir, although the details are still vague. [CNN]
  • The ornately-named (and “diminutive”) Reince Priebus has won the chairmanship of the RNC. [Politico]
  • If it hadn’t been for his puffy North Face jacket, copy store employee Abby Dumoff would have been killed by a “scissors-wielding intruder” trying to steal a computer. According to the Post, Dumoff had been out walking his shih tzu (whose name is Mr. Teeth!) when he returned to the store to find the would-be thief, who attempted to stab him but couldn’t get through the armor that is down-filled GoreTex. [NYP]
  • Four teenagers were injured in a shooting in Fort Greene last night, and in a separate incident a man is in critical condition after a shooting in Greenpoint. [NYP]

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