Today in Ice Age News: New Woolly Mammoths in the Works, Neanderthals Ugly


The Telegraph has your pressing, timely Ice Age news covered this week. Not only could new woolly mammoths be cloned in four to five years, but new research shows that Neanderthals were not ugly because of the cold, but just because they were ugly.

New mammoths! How novel, literally. Apparently the procedure is to extract nuclei from the cells of frozen mammoths and insert them into the egg cells of African elephants. The elephants will then gestate the new mammoth, which I’m sure will be quite surprising for them when the baby is born, covered in fur.

Why we need new mammoths is not exactly clear – they’re soft, maybe? Affectionate?

In other news, Neanderthals were ugly, with prominent noses and brows. But not because of the extreme conditions in which they lived, as was previously thought; scientists now think that Neanderthals actually evolved in warmer climes, and their sinuses were really no larger than that of Homo sapiens.

Relevant, of-the-moment science news, brought to you by the Telegraph.


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 16, 2011


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