Disney, Please Sue the Museum of Sex!


They want you to!

In their new exhibit, Comics Stripped, there’s a large wall filled with various Disney characters engaging in sexy shenanigans and provocative poses. They should call it “Phallus in Wonderland”.

Turns out it’s an illustration called “The Disneyland Memorial Orgy” which Wally Wood did for The Realist in the ’60s.

Won’t Disney sue?

“I hope they do!” curator Craig Yoe said to me at the opening the other night. “It’ll be great publicity.”

Apparently, they only didn’t sue back then because they didn’t want to draw attention to this wonderfully lurid fantasia of fractured fairy tales, said Yoe.

But now the fertile image has been blown up so big and it’s pretty much drawing attention to itself.

Bring on the restraining orders.


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