Drunk Owl Busted by Cops


Continuing in a theme of sorts for today, this just in: An allegedly drunk owl was reported to German cops by a narc woman walking her dog after she noticed the bird by the side of the road, “oblivious to passing traffic,” reports Der Spiegel. “One of its eyelids was drooping, adding to the general impression of inebriation.” Adding to the clues as to its “juicy” state:

“It wasn’t staggering around and we didn’t breathalyze it but there were two little bottles of Schapps in the immediate vicinity,” said Otruba. “We took it to a local bird expert who has treated alcoholized birds before and she has been giving it lots of water.”

The owl gets to go home once he sobers up a bit.

Of course, this reminds us of one of our favorite Tumblrs, Hungover Owls, which is always good for perusal on a dark and icy night whether you’re at home or in the office.

In related news, there was a giant, drunk puppet set loose in Ireland recently. Watch him terrorize the villagers, here.

[via NY Mag]

Owl, drunk on schnapps, detained and given water by police ’til it sobers up [Boing Boing]

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 18, 2011

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