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Get Ready for More Snow, Says Man Who Tapes Climate Stats to Walls


The New York Times interviewed a “weather hobbyist” today, who says he’s crunched the numbers and predicts that New York is going to get a lot more snow this winter.

Stephen Fybish says that according to his math, a December that sees eight or more inches of snow means at least 17 more before winter is through. That pattern, he says, has held at least a dozen times in the last 39 years. The city is also seeing bigger and more frequent snow storms than ever before, with a record-setting five nine-plus-inch snowstorms since December 2009.
The Times does also point out that Fybish is “so preoccupied with meteorological data” that he tapes “climate statistics on the walls of his Upper West Side apartment.” Which means he’s either loopy or seriously knows what he’s talking about. But since we hate getting slush in our shoes, we’ll go ahead and hold onto our snow boots for now.


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