Lost and Found Photos Spark YouTube Search


Todd Bieber (no relation) is a Brooklyn man who just wants to do a good deed. While cross-country skiing through Prospect Park during this month’s huge blizzard, Bieber found a roll of film on the ground. He had it developed only to find great shots of New York during the snowstorm, but he also found the faces of people (presumed to be “tourists”) and established an emotional connection. Now, he’s made it his mission to find the rightful owners and give them back their pictures.

In his video, Bieber sounds like a more soulful Tao Lin — deadpan but kind of endearing. He describes receiving $26 dollars from a stranger and promising to do some good with it.

Let’s try to spread this video — a seemingly sincere work for the public good — and all hope that the magic of the internet can help this man find his “adventurer friends.” Email any possible leads to

[via Neighborhoodr]


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