Mimi Sheraton Continues to Drink the Brooklyn Haterade


Eater National has an interview with curmudgeonly food writer and avowed Brooklyn hater Mimi Sheraton. Guess what, she still hates Brooklyn! Oh, OK, she doesn’t hate Brooklyn really. She just hates waiting on line.

As she tells Joshua David Stein,

Oh, you’re one of the Brooklyn people. I was born in Brooklyn. I don’t hate it. I’m just not going to go on a subway and stand on line in a restaurant. I’m not going to stand on line in a restaurant in Greenwich Village. Every thing went beyond my meaning. It takes something really special to get me above 23rd street. I’ve been to 125th and Lenox Avenue three times in the last two weeks to try Red Rooster. The food is good; the scene is terrific and it’s very easy to get to.

And really, who does want to wait on line?

But there’s a breed she hates even more than Brooklynites — Locavores!

I think the locavores should stay home, that they shouldn’t fly back and forth, especially from California making big carbon footprints in the sky to speak to us about the importance of being local.

A good thing, too, for Sheraton, since don’t most locavores live in Brooklyn anyway?


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