Pricey Burgers Take Brooklyn; When Guy Fieri Ruins Your Diner


Pricey burgers aren’t just a Manhattan thing. In Brooklyn, it’s not hard to pay more than $10 for a burger, like at Henry Public, Prime Meats, or Diner.
[Brooklyn Paper]

Walgreens, CVS, and Target are expanding their grocery offerings, with fresh produce, frozen meats, and even sushi.
[NY Times]

When fans of Guy Fieri’s Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives swarm the mom-and-pop eateries featured, it can overwhelm the businesses and their regulars.
[NY Times]

Los Angeles is banning new fast-food restaurants in South L.A., which has higher rates of poverty and obesity than other neighborhoods.
[NY Times]

Bizarre Foods‘ Andrew Zimmern names his favorites things to eat in New York, including uni and lardo at Marea, jellyfish salad in Koreatown, and fish fins at Barney Greengrass.
[NY Post]

Joey Cupcakes’s picture was taken down from Rao’s recently after FBI agents seized it, claiming they needed it for an investigation.
[NY Times]

Subway is testing gluten-free buns and brownies to appeal to the growing number of people with sensitivities to wheat.

Six-month-old discount website VillageVines is giving Groupon a run for its money, offering 30 percent off tabs — alcohol included — at upscale restaurants nationwide.

Pizza chains across the country are debuting breakfast pizza on their menus, often topped with eggs, bacon, and no tomato sauce.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Daniel and Derek Koch are twin-brother club promoters who have revived the Oak Room brunch, turning it into “a Champagne-fueled orgy.”
[NY Post]


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on January 18, 2011


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