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Sarah Palin Schools Sean Hannity, Liberals on “Blood Libel”: It’s Been ‘Used For Eons’




Sarah Palin’s voice was shaky as she appeared with an ally, Sean Hannity, on Fox News Monday night to address her own prolonged victimhood, not at the hands of the Arizona shooter Jared Loughner, but everyone else not on the Fox News payroll. “Governor, I Googled your name and I put in the words, Governor Sarah Palin Tucson shooting. And it came up nearly 10,000 times in 10,000 instances where you connected to this,” explained Hannity, whose figures seem off. “This isn’t about me,” Palin said. “My defense wasn’t self-defense.” Perhaps it is partisan to say, but her voice did not sound truthful.

And when it comes to “blood libel,” Palin insisted it is a term that has been used “for eons,” and she’s right — it’s been used both correctly and incorrectly. Here she goes:

I don’t know how the heck they would know if whether I did or didn’t know the term “blood libel,” nobody has ever asked me. And “blood libel” obviously means being falsely accused of having blood on your hands. And in this case that’s exactly what was going on. And yes, the historical knowledge that people have of the term blood libel, it goes back to the Jews who were falsely accused back in medieval European times of using the blood of children. And you know, the criticism of even the timing of this statement is being used as another diversion, because I believe that there are many on the left, many critics, who don’t want, for instance, Congress, to buckle down, get back to work.

“Double standards,” she said. And so on.

She stopped short of announcing her presidential run, though Hannity did his duty by asking. Palin: “But I’ll tell you, Sean, I am not going to sit down, I’m not going to shut up.” So that’s where we’re at now.

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