The Weather Is Abysmal; Pale Male and Lola Are Over; Starbucks Introduces Cup Bigger Than Your Stomach


• It’s Tuesday! Back to work (for many of us) and it’s a slushy, wet, rainy mess out there. It plans on doing this until midday Wednesday. Say to yourself “four day week” repeatedly. And wear boots. [Weather]

• Milan prosecutors are alleging that 74-year-old Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi “had sex with a significant number of prostitutes,” using apartments and/or cash to compensate the young women. Berlusconi says the allegations are “grotesque.” [NYT]

• Central Park’s famous red-tailed hawk couple, Pale Male and Lola, are over, largely because bird people think that Lola is dead. Pale Male seems to have a new mate who appeared about a week after Lola’s disappearance. If this were a human relationship, suspicions would be cast. [NYP]

Starbucks has introduced a new ginormous cup size for iced drinks. It’s called the “Trenta.” It is larger than the average capacity of the human stomach. So, this will be good. Starbucks, always pushing us to the next level! [PopFi]

• The O’Reilly Factor is harassing Snooki to make an appearance to, you know, talk about health care and stuff. [Politico]

Jennifer Aniston hated the “Rachel” haircut, and thinks it was the ugliest thing she’s ever seen. If only she’d mentioned that 15 years ago. [Telegraph]

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