This is How Charlie Sheen Solicits Sex


First he finds a website, in this case CityVibe, which advertises itself on Google (we didn’t click the link) as, “Your one stop source for Las Vegas escorts, escort reviews, Las Vegas massage, exotic dancers, strip clubs, escort services, independent, incall, …” Presumably, he browses the pages, which are maybe divided by things like gender, sexuality, skin or hair color and maybe “expertise” or something similarly euphemistic. Then Charlie Sheen tries the phone number listed for his girl of choice. If it doesn’t work, he signs into his AOL email account, which is tied to his name, “Charlie Sheen,” and fires off a quick missive on his smart phone, which he does not proofread. In it, he teases himself as an “A-list actor,” which of course, the girl can tell by the “From” field of the email. He provides his phone number, and signs the thing “xo,” at least according to TMZ, a website which exists so we can all learn these things together. [Via]

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